Our Project

This website is one of four UNC Asheville digital history projects from spring of 2017. Our project seeks to convey a piece of the history of the UU Church of Asheville through the use of text, images, links, and interactives. The project showcases the tools of CanvaThinglink, and Timeline JS as well as interactive games contributed by the UNCA computer science department. This project would not have been possible without the resources in UNCA Special Collections and the collaboration of the UU Church of Ashevile and Rev. Mark Ward.


Zoë Hickey

Zoë is a history major at UNCA from Powell, TN. She worked to create the Social Justice and Major Projects pages as well as the page you see before you. Through this project she has become well-versed in the use of Canva and Thinglink as well as Worpress. She hopes to use these skills to further her career in history after her graduation from UNCA in December of 2017.




Haylee Carringer

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Haylee Carringer is a senior history major and is hoping to become an archivist after graduating from UNCA. This class taught her how to make a webpage, as well as how to use many digital tools to make historical documents more accessible to the public. She is responsible for the History of Unitarian Universalists Page and also worked with Timeline JS to create a historical timeline.





Timothy Harden


Timothy is a third year History Major at UNCA who hopes to find a career in public history. He created the Ministers of the Church page. From this class he has learned to use WordPress to create a website, digital history tools such as Timeline JS, and a bit of code.